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Envelopes [Baikal]. 135 years to regular civil navigation on the Angar River and Baykal lake
Envelopes [Baikal] - 135 years to regular civil navigation on the Angar River and Baykal lake
Date: 06 July 2010
Author: G. Korobova

Description: Rivers play special role in the life of Siberians - the mastery of Siberia began from them. The first information about rivers and lakes of East Siberia appeared at the beginning of the 17th Century. In 1610. Russian the original discoverer of the earth G. Kurochkin, describing the Yenisey and the earth adjacent to it, already calls Baykal lake. In 1618. Russian the original discoverer of the earth of Vasiliy Pyanda from the Yenisey goes on to Angar and swim match on it, through the nearest portage it leaves in Lena. In 1643. Kurbat Ivanov made a drawing of Baykal and he became the first cartographer of the Great Lakes. In 1646. chieftain Kolesnikov, and in 1647. - boyars' children Ivan Pochabov and Ivan Galkin in Baykal searched for silver ore. In 1655-1656 yr. through Baykal into the reference into Daury passed “furious” proto-priest Avvakum Petrov, who vividly and descriptively described lake in his famous “life”. In the chronicles of Irkutsk to the first half of the 18th Century are repeated indications on the departure on the vessels along the Angar River with the output in “the Baykal- sea” and further along Selenga river. With the navigation of fiscal vessels on Baykal lake is connected the advance of the borders of Russia to the east and the protection of national interests, the military sea admiralty for which in Irkutsk was in 1764 organized. The first steamship in the pond was built in 1844, in the settlement Grudinino and from “highest assent” to it was appropriated name “emperor Nikolai to the I”. The beginning of regular navigation relates by 1875, when was affirmed “position about urgent mail and passenger and towing steam navigation at Lake. Baykal”. At present navigation on the Angar River and Baykal lake continues to play important role in the social and economic life of Irkutsk region, ensuring the transport accessibility of the distant territories for the population and tourists, and also transportation of loads to the most important lumber and construction enterprises of Irkutsk region.
In 2010. are fulfilled 135 years from the date of the beginning of regular civil navigation on Angar and to Baykal lake. Steam navigation is considered the successor of Angara, Baikal and Selenginskogo steam navigations, organized in the 19th Century, nationalized 1918, and then [preobrazovannykh] in 1948 into united Eastern Siberian river steam navigation. On the artistic post envelope , as on conversion the special post stamp of it is drawn motor ship “Nikolai Eroshchenko” (earlier was the diesel towboat “Sevan”, which was being occupied by towing forest in the rafts, it was built at the shipyard of Eastern Siberian river steam navigation in the 60's. In 2003 after its radical modernization into the cruise motor ship, vessel was renamed in “Nikolai Eroshchenko”). At present motor ship is the most contemporary and most comfortable cruise liner in Siberia…

Technological characteristics:
Length is dimensional: 46,1 m.
Width is dimensional: 9,5 m.
Side height: 4,4 m.
Height is dimensional: 13,5 m.
Sagging: 3,5 m.
Passenger capacity: 45 men.
Optimum passenger capacity: 32 men.
After servicing. the personnel: 18 men.
Speed is calculated: 14 km/h.
Decks: 3.

Solemn measures for the presentation the artistic post envelope + the special post stamp of " 135 years to regular civil navigation on the Angar River and Baykal" lake; , and also to the 400- anniversary of the output of Russian trailblazers to Baykal lake and to 125- anniversary to Eastern Siberian river steam navigation they there will be the event on July 6 15 hours in the passenger port of "Raketa" (g. Irkutsk, wrinkle solar). During this day in the port the mobile department of the postal communication, where it will be possible to carry out extinction the special post stamp on anniversary the artistic post envelope and sending of written correspondence into all corners of peace, will function…

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