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Envelopes [Irkutsk area]. Baikal museum is Listvyanka settlement
Envelopes [Irkutsk area] - Baikal museum is Listvyanka settlement
Number: 106-2006 (Russia)
Date: 26 April 2006
Author: Foto G.korobovo Oformlenie R.komsi

Description: The Baikal museum INTSSO RAN [RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCE] is created in 1993 on the base of the existed previously Baikal exposure of limnological institute WITH RAN [RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCE], is one of the sin of the existing now museums of lakes in the world and only in Russia. In the funds for museum is more than 12000 units of storage, which relate to flora and fauna of lake Baykal, is conducted scientific works on creation and study data bank on bioraznoobraziyu of Baikal region. In the aquarium exposure of the Baikal museum of seven aquariums: five on 5-11 tons for the Baikal fauna - bull calves, whitefish, whitefish, grayling, sturgeon, mollusks, sponges, etc., and also two aquariums on 30 tons for the Baikal seal. On the base of museum is organized the ecological school, in which are conducted the occupations of schoolboys, students and leaders about the problems of Baykal lake. Attendance of museum to 100 thousand people per year. On KHMK they are represented the building of museum, the outlines of lake endemic Baikal bull calf - zheltokrylka. Zheltokrylka (Cottocomephorus grewingki), the fish of the family of the Baikal bull calf- bullheads of the force of okuneobraznykh. Body naked, with length to 13 cm, weighs 15-20 deg. Baykal is encountered only in the lake, it lives in the thickness of water at the depths to 300 it is meter, it is held by flocks. Spawning - in the coastal zone on the stony pound, fruitfulness of 900-2400 roe corns. After spawning the males guard roe. Then majority of them perishes. They feed by planktonic crustaceans, and also by young. Zheltokrylka has trade value. It plays large role in the nourishment of Baikal fishes (omul', grayling) and seal.

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