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Envelopes [Irkutsk area]. For Baikal the national park
Envelopes [Irkutsk area] - For Baikal the national park
Number: 254-2005 (Russia)
Date: 07 September 2005
Author: G. Korobova

Description: On the sketch to cover the kind to Baikal from sacred mountain Yord, in the foreground endemic flora and fauna For Baikal the national park is presented: porridge Godlewskii (Emberiza Godlewskii Taczanowski, 1874), on stones the nimble lizard (Lacerta agilis Linnatbs, 1758), an orchid Baikal(Cypripedium macranthon), poppy Popov(Papaver Popovii Sihl.) included in Red Books of the world and Russia; on a background Baikal in area of island Olkhon.

For Baikal the national park (FBNP) is created by the Decision of Ministerial council of RSFSR ¹ 71 from February, 13th, 1986 it Is located at the western coast of Baikal between settlement in the south and cape Kocherikovskim () in the north, covering east (Baikal) macroslopes olhons the plateau and the Seaside ridge, and also includes island Olkhon and islands of passage of the Small Sea, entering in three areas of Irkutsk area (Sludjanka, Irkutsk and Olhon). Area FBNP - 417297 hectares, a coastal line of Baikal FBNP - 470 km (without islands). A variety of landscapes and feature of natural climate FBNP has defined endemik vegetative (about 3000 kinds) and an animal (for 2000 kinds) the worlds. Except for natural, in park the objects, having a historii-ethnocultural value are protected. A place special ould values of the radical Buryat population - mountain Yord, near r. Angi where since times Cingizhan of times in five years pass national tournaments of Buryat people People " Yord games ", collecting tens thousand people (under legends in these places was born and the great commander is buried)

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