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Personalies of Irkitsk area in philately. Suhebatar D.
Personalies of Irkitsk area in philately - Suhebatar D.
Number: 1126 (USSR)
Date: 17 September 1980

Description: Damdin Sukhe]-Bator (Mongolian Damdiny Of Sukhbaatar) - the leader of Mongolian liberation movement, the leader of Mongolian revolution of 1921. Founder of Mongolian national-revolutionary party ([MNRP]). The Defense Minister of revolutionary government, by the central board of the Mongolian revolutionary troops. [Sukhe]-[Bator] was born in the family of poor [arata] on February 2, 1893 year (Aimak of the [Tsetsen]- khan (now [Sukhe]-[Batorskiy] Aimak)). In the youth he worked as driver. In 1912 it was called into the army of feudal- theocratic Mongolia, he commanded squadron. Repeatedly it participated in combat against the Chinese militarists and the murderous forces of the Japanese agent Of [babudzhaba]. For appeared courage it is called [Bator], that mean the hero, hero. This honorable nickname became the component part of his name. From 1919 he worked as type-setter in The [urginskoy] printing house. Here it was introduced to the Russian revolutionaries and through them - with the liberation ideas Of [v]. [I]. Lenin. Illegal revolutionary circle created in 1919. In 1920 it headed the revolutionary organization, which was being formed as a result of the confluence of its circle with the analogous circle Of [choybalsana]. The creation of this organization laid the base of the Mongolian people party, which was organizationally designed in March 1921 (from 1925 it began to be called [MNRP]). Together with [Choybalsanom] and other it developed among [aratov] agitation for the creation of forces for dealing with the Chinese militarists and the Russian White Guards, who occupied in October 1920 Mongolia. [Nodnokratno] it occurred in Irkutsk. Under the management Of [sukhe]-[Batora] in March 1921 took place the 1st congress of Mongolian people party, the called Mongolian people to the uprising and determined the tasks of anti-imperialist and antifeudal revolution. [Sukhe]-[Bator] was selected into the composition of TsK of Mongolian people party. Since March 13, 1921 he is the member of temporary people government, Defense Minister and the commander-in-chief of the People's Army. Under the management Of [sukhe]-[Bator] the young regiments of the People's Army destroyed Chinese militarists on March 18, 1921 under [Maymachenom] (now [Altan]-[Bulak]). The Mongolian People's Army under the command Of [sukhe]-[Batora] and arrived to the aid to the Mongolian people of the part of the Soviet Red Army in May - August 1921 broke the white guard troops Of [ungerna]. On July 6, 1921 was freed [Urga] (now Ulan-Bator). On July 10 temporary people government was reorganized into the permanent people government; [Sukhe]-[Bator] entered into its composition, after engaging the post of Defense Minister. For the salient merits in the fight against the white guard bands - the general enemy of Soviet and Mongolian peoples - [Sukhe]-[Bator] it is rewarded with Soviet. On November 5, 1921 [Sukhe]-[Bator] participated in the signing in Moscow of agreement about the friendship between the RSFSR and the Mongolia and it was accepted by Lenin. For the salient merits in the fight against the white guard bands - general enemy of Soviet. and Mongolian. peoples - [nagrazhden] by Sov. In MNR of [uchrezhden] the order Of [sukhe]-[Batora]. [Sukhebator] died in 22.02.1923 years in [Urge] (now Ulan-Bator) into thirty years. In [sots]. time it according to the official version poisoned lama- counterrevolutionaries. But the official confirmation and although of arrest whom there is not you be [lamov]. The precise cause of death of leader, until now, is unknown. Versions several - murder, disease, poisoning. Last year the majority of historians are inclined to the version of natural death Of [sukhe]-[Batora] - general very [napryazhenno] worked, which led to pneumonia.

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