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Finished building main part of BAM

1984. October, 27
№ 5571 (USSR) № 5451 (Michel)
Picture by G. Komlev
Printing: deep on mel. paper
Frame 11 1/2
Description: Builders BAM with a header on a background of the circuit of a highway and the train moving on its line conducted by a diesel locomotive 2TE10L. A medal "For construction of a Baikal-Amur highway" on a background of a laurel branch of Glory. The memorable text is higher than a picturesque field of mark and on a header: "Construction of the main way of a Baikal-Amur highway is completed!"
Print-run: 3,75 M.

Ust-Kut (939 kms from Irkutsk on a motorway, 520 kms by plane). The population: 61,8 thousand inhabitants. There is an airport. Ust-Kut - the big transport unit where railway, river, air ways converge. In 1628 V.Bugor has constructed near a mouth Kuti river house. In 1631 led by ataman Ivan Galkinym have based here Ust-Kut a jail. And in 1639 armed people E.P.Habarova have opened saltvar. In middle XVII in. The jail, having lost the military value, became the important quay where the cargoes gone from Ishim and the top Lena concentrated. Since 1954 - city. The city is in a mouth Kuti river at its confluence of Lena also it was extended on the left coast of Lena almost on 30 kms. From Ust-Kut with an interval 3-4 days go steam-ships up to Yakutsk, daily up to Kirensk steam-ship "Polesye" and up to Zhigalovo stream-ship "Dawn" at 8.00 is sent. In city the factory of modular ferro-concrete products, brick-works work. The role of Ust Kut has increased during construction of Western site BAM; it has turned to one of large bases of construction through whom there was a delivery of engineering, fuel, building materials. In Ust Kut there is river port Osetrovo - the largest river port on Lena. From here there leaves the majority of cargoes to the north Irkutsk area and to Yakutia. On Osatrovskaya shipyards are under construction court of various types and repair of courts and barges is made.

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