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Philatelic encyclopedia
Philatelic encyclopedia
Philatelic encyclopedia
Philatelic encyclopedia, only on Russian language.
Askphil. Questions and answers about philayelia
The on-line converter of currencies
Philatelia news (on russian)
Philatelic museums
Philatelic Museums of the World
Post museums
Post Museums of the World
Online translator from English, German, French, Italian on Russian and contrary
Online translator from English, German, French, Italian, Portugal, Japanies, Spain, Korean, Chines on Russian and contrary
F. I. P.
F. I. P. site
CD catalogues
Philatelic CD-catalogues of postage stamps
Philatelic things
Philatelic things
Prices in US dollars of xUSSR countries
Moscow government
Moscow government
Saint-Petersburg government
Saint-Petersburg government
Official RUSSIA
Official RUSSIA
Government of countries of world
Museum of comunications
The main museum of comunications named by A. S. Popov

The big Russian Biographic Dictionary
The present electronic edition contains Russian biographic articles Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Brogauz-Efron and New Encyclopaedic Dictionary (NED). It was issued within 18 years (1890-1907) and contained 86 полутомов (82 basic and 4 additional tom) or 43 volumes. In additional tom the information of the first volumes was staticized, and also some biographies were added. All these corrections and additions (and also some other) subsequently were brought in edition which left in 1911-1916 and should consist of 50 volumes. Unfortunately, light was seen only with 29 first volumes then the edition was stopped.
The megaencyclopedia
Contains the information on all branches of knowledge, switching 76579 articles, 10 thousand figures, portraits and slides. Is based on " Cyril's Big encyclopedia and Mefodia 2000 " (БЭКМ) which is created at use of " the Big encyclopaedic dictionary " Big Soviet Encyclopedia (T.1-2,1991).
Contains the information on all branches of knowledge, switching about 50 thousand clauses(articles). Is based on the second edition of "the Small encyclopaedic dictionary" (MED) publishing houses "Brogauz-Efron" (Т.1-4,1907-1909) both other encyclopedias and the dictionaries which have left prior to the beginning of XX century. Authors of the project call the encyclopedia "generative", explaining it is novelty of principles of its updating and finding - out of reader's demand. To a spelling of articles all interested persons are invited.
Collier's Encyclopedia
Contains 100 selective articles (from prospective 7 thousand articles and 6 thousand illustrations, 600 maps, 3 thousand biographies) on various areas of knowledge and ability to live of mankind. Prepares under the direction of Institute "Open society". It is created on the basis of English-speaking Collier's Encyclopedia./td>
The megadirectory
Contains the information on all branches of knowledge, switching 76579 articles, 10 thousand figures, portraits and slides. Is based on "Cyril's Big encyclopedia and Mefodiy 2000" which is created at use of " the Big encyclopaedic dictionary " Big Soviet Encyclopedia (Т.1-2,1991).
The British encyclopedia
Search in the encyclopedia, explanatory dictionary Merriam-Webster, the Internet. The catalogue of the best sites. News from paper and electronic MASS-MEDIA. Elected articles from magazines.
Heroes Vov, commanders
The present project - attempt to fix, recreate destiny ратных people in 55 post-war years. It is realized as the multivolume edition, and also in the Internet. On our pages you can will familiarize with the maintenance of the first release of the book.
Heroes of the USSR
In the encyclopedia data on 313 heroes of Soviet Union (from them 12 twice Heroes) are collected, that makes 2,698 % from the common number awarded with this rank within Great Domestic war.
The information part of the encyclopedia the "Astronautics" prepared by Zheleznjakovym Alexander Borisovichem, consists of brief curriculum vitae about the cosmonauts located in alphabetic order, and the brief annals of an outer space exploration. The section of the digest - review of the latest news of space sphere is periodically supplemented.
The Air Forces of Russia: people and planes
Contains over 3 thousandarticles about various aviation models, including all basic technical parameters. CD - ROM'а (1999) is based on " the Full encyclopedia of world aircraft ", left as as the book (1998), and. Clauses are located under the English alphabet (from A up to Z) and have the English names taken from the name of models, however are written in Russian. Presence at the name of a word "aircraft" is premature. In the edition there are no reviews about aircraft, biographic articles about airbuilders and aircraft construction as a whole, there is a lack of illustrations. Is more correct to name it "the Encyclopedia of planes and helicopters".
The illustrated catalogue of Aircraft of the world
The directory contains 2301 articles with the description of 3325 flying devices from 52 countries. And as 1470 names of aviation arms, 132 engines, 2385 photos, 211 drawings, 376 articles and 98 books
Marine sea fleet
The encyclopedia is created with the purpose of representation of the popular and scientific and technical information on the Russian Fleet.
The automobile encyclopedia
The encyclopedia of automobiles
The extensive information on automobiles of all marks with photos. Section " All for your automobile ". A database of offers on the purchase, sale of machines. Coordinates of shops and car-care centers. The automobile encyclopedia. Electronic versions of magazines: "Automobile", "Autopilot" etc. Thematic forums.
The big automobile encyclopedia
Big automobile encyclopedia Shell
The encyclopedia of trains
Train schedules on the CIS from Ministry of Railways. References to schedules of trains. Structure of railways of the CIS, Baltic and other largest enterprises ж.д. Transport of Russia. Numbering of trains. The review Engineering: electric trains, steam locomotives, monorails etc. Circuits of railways and undergrounds worldwide. The list of cities of the former USSR in which the municipal transportation on electric draft is used. Historical materials. Clauses. Photos.
Encyclopedias of arms
Cyril 98" . However, video and can be looked animations of figures of aerobatics only at CD - ROM of the version. In parallel with search in a key word the regular principle of an arrangement of articles is observed. Presence at the name of a word "encyclopedia" is conditional. This edition can be named with all success the popular interactive book about arms.
The encyclopedia of the weapon
On our site you will find the exhaustive information on the WEAPON, PROTECTION, SAFETY, to the SURVIVAL, SINGLE COMBATS and other related topics. The site is constantly supplemented
Encyclopedias of the Third Reich
Contains about 3 thousand articles on a history of the Third Reich and ideology of fascism, about party and military figures, military grades, fighting operations, a genocide of peoples, litigations etc., to many of which illustrations are applied. Is the electronic version of " the Encyclopedia of the Third Reich " (1996). Work was created basically on English-speaking sources that cause the best war in Africa, on the Balkan and in the Western Europe. There is no search in a key word
Open Russian electronic library
The directory of the collector
The independent Pen-club (NPK "Lidar") is based in 1992 and represents club of friends - collectors on correspondence. All members of club unites " the Directory of the collector " (СК). Any person of a planet the Earth, and can be and the universe, automatically becomes a member of our club if it(he) will send the announcement of the hobbies in the field of a collecting for the publication in СК
Marks of heavens. A determinant of the heavenly phenomena
The encyclopedia of time
Lotus - system of own investigation. Clauses on a history (the Great Pyramid, artefacts, mummies Chincher), on astronomy, mythology (Gods of Ancient Egypt). The astrological dictionary, " the Encyclopedia of time ".
The medical and biologic encyclopedia
Contains more than 5 thousand articles, about 1 thousand illustrations (static, dynamic circuits and tables, slide - show) on all areas of medicine and biology. Articles prepare experts in various fields of knowledge (use and citing of materials is made with the obligatory instruction of a source and possible electronic references). Names of articles settle down by regular and alphabetic principles. Search in a key word is absent.
The encyclopedia of plants
The description of sorts, kinds and versions of ornamental plants of your garden, the agricultural technician of cultivation, illustration.
The encyclopedia of indoor plants
The encyclopedia of indoor plants
Encyclopedias of pets
Contains 1344 clauses(articles) on a leaving, feeding, education and treatment of your domestic pupils. Is based on " Encyclopedias of pets of Cyril 98 ". In parallel with search in a key word the regular principle of an arrangement of clauses(articles) is observed. Presence at the name of a word "encyclopedia" is conditional. This edition can be named with all success the visual aid for owners of pets.
The encyclopedia of Health
Contains 7345 articles and more than 2500 illustrations about various diseases and methods of their diagnostics and treatment, switching including nonconventional, about ways of reduction of a figure to ideal standards, about rules of rendering of the urgent help. A compound and important element of the encyclopedia is " the Pharmacological directory "where together with the description of structure of a preparation, the mechanism of its action and ways of application, there is a list of drugstores where the preparation is available. Is based on " Zdorov'ja Cyril's Encyclopedias". It is prepared by professors and teachers of conducting medical HIGH SCHOOLS of Moscow.
The BIG medical encyclopedia
The encyclopedia of cats
The illustrated catalogue of breeds of cats of the world. A history of breeds. The directory: of codes of breeds and окрасов, the dictionary of terms. A bulletin board. The list of nurseries and clubs in the CIS. A selection of references about cats.
Agricultural the encyclopedia
The equipment design which is carried out by vegetable grower Andrey Birjukovym. Contains about 50 articles with illustrations about various vegetables from a water-melon up (a history, a general characteristic, recommendations for cultivation and application). Sources are " the Agricultural encyclopaedic dictionary " (1989), " the Alphabet of the vegetable grower " (1994), " your kitchen garden: the Small encyclopedia " (1999), " the reference Book of the vegetable grower ", " Advice to truck farmers ", magazines " florae ", " the Garden and a kitchen garden ", " the Potato and vegetables ", resources of the Network and other works. Articles settle down alphabetically. There is no search in a key word.
The theatrical encyclopedia
Consists of several blocks: the theatrical dictionary, names, statements, theatres, a history of Russian theatre, a history of foreign theatre, east theatres, puppet theaters, a history of an opera, a history of ballet, theatrical stories both jokes and other. To many articles illustrations, the detailed bibliography, references to resources of the Network are applied. Articles settle down by regular and alphabetic principles. Search in a key word is absent
Encyclopedias of cinema
Contains 13820 articles on a domestic and foreign cinema. Besides articles devoted to actors, directors, terms of cinema, the encyclopedia includes reviews of 7500 films, and also extensive film to many articles about personnels. Is based on " Encyclopedias of cinema of Cyril 98". Presence of a word "encyclopedia" in the name of the edition is conditional. This edition can be named the handbook on cinema as the text of the majority articles does not include the description of plots of films.
Peoples and religions of the world
Contains on 2 thousand clauses and illustrations, including records of ethnic music in a format mp3. Consists of sections: reviews, religions of the world, nations of the world, the general concepts, the dictionary of terms, classifications of peoples and religions, a calendar of religious holidays, appendices, references etc. Work is based on the encyclopedia " Peoples and religions of the world " (М., 1998), issued by " the Big Russian encyclopedia ", and also on specially written articles and materials of experts of Institute and anthropology it in m. M. Миклухо-Маклая the Russian Academy of Science, the Museum of anthropology and ethnography it. Peter the Great/
The English-Russian lingvo-regional geographic dictionary
Contains names more than 20 thousand clauses on a history, the state, economic and social device, the literature and art, daily life of USA, including biographic articles. Accommodation of the text-through version of the edition is planned. The author of the project - Michael Vasjanin. Is based on book Amerikana. English-Russian lingvo dictionary " (Smolensk, 1996). В the encyclopaedic dictionary is observed an alphabetic principle of an arrangement of a material. There is no search in a key word
Unique information publication about Canada in Russian: work, study, immigration, cities and provinces, cinema, tourism, sports. All about Canada and even is more!
Japan from "A" to "Z"
Contains over 1 thousand illustrated articles about events and the phenomena from a history and culture of Japan. Japan - the popular, illustrated encyclopedia ", having CD - ROM version with the name "Japan - the encyclopaedic dictionary" is based on the book edition ". In the encyclopedia the alphabetic principle of an arrangement of a material is observed. There is no search in a key word.
The information on the countries of the world
The detailed information on the countries of the world: maps, money and the prices, languages, customs house, visas, transport, safety, a car hire, museums, a climate, weather, references.
Ekstelopedia of fentesy and science fiction
Contains a material about fantastic products, their heroes, authors, критиках, artists, translators, publishers etc. Sources for work have served 13-th release " the Catalogue. 1933-1985 " (1987) from a series "Life of remarkable people", "Stories about authors of your books: the Directory for pupils of high school. XX century " (1997), "the Encyclopedia of a fantasy: who is who" (1995), "The Encyclopedia of a fantasy" on CD - ROM'е (1997). It is applied regular and alphabetic principles of distribution of a material in Russian, and English languages, but texts of articles are written in Russian. There is no search in a key word. Distinctive feature of the encyclopedia - an abundance of the bibliography.
The encyclopedia of a fantasy
The SF-terminology contains about 400 biographies of the largest domestic writers - visionaries with photos, the bibliography, fragments and illustrations to products, more than 700 articles in the dictionary. Besides the encyclopedia, the site contains gallery of painting, the catalogue of shots, литературоведческие articles, crossword puzzles, comics, the network shop etc. Is based on several works, including encyclopedias. The material is located in regular and alphabetic orders. There is no search in a key word.
Descriptions of magic essences
Images and descriptions of magic essences: unicorns, trolls etc.
The encyclopedia of unknown
Contains 1378 articles about all mysterious and unknown a modern science, including secrets from the big letter. Many terms are entered or described for the first time. The Encyclopedia непознанного " (М., 1998), " the Encyclopedia of miracles " (М., 1998), " Secrets of time " (М., 1999), "The Encyclopedia of unknown" (М., 2000) is based on books ", experience of trips of authors in more and more less known mysterious places of the country. All articles are signed. The material is located in alphabetic order.
Marks for all cases
Marks for all cases (alchemy, colors, music), religious marks and symbols, symbolical associations, flags and heraldry, signals from apart.
Miracles of light
Miracles of light, the most ancient structures of the countries of the ancient world, miracles of a nature, miracles of a comic origin and many other things.
The biographic encyclopedia
The biographic encyclopedia. Contains from above 20, 000 biographies of celebrated personalities.
The information on breeds of wood
The information on breeds of wood, as constantly available in assortment of firm "The Parquet the Hall", and delivered to order.
Dynasty of Romanovs
The Internet - variant of the encyclopedia was created on the basis of CD - ROM'а " Dynasty of Romanovs ", issued by electronic publishing house "Kominfo". This disk has won first place in competition " Multimedia for entertainment and training " in a nomination "the Best product of year". Competition was carried out(spent) by magazine " Computer Пресс " .В difference from the submitted excursion which reflects a disk in very much truncated kind, on a disk you will find the big images, videofragments, the announcer's text, animated maps of military actions, treasure from the Armory Museum and it is a lot of another.
Old Greec
Big information about Greec.
Wine worls
Bottles biography, history of shampan, history of balsams, history of wine, history of beer, history of brendy, history of RUSSIAN VODKA
Hostoric dictonary
Hostoric dictonary
Big dictonary
Big dictonary
Enciclopedia of Fauna
Enciclopedia of Fauna
Enciclopedia of names, last names, father names, etc.


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