V. M. Lapenkov

Philately and irkutjane (1920-2000).

The activity of the collectors, their associations is one from the important performances of a condition of culture of company. In Irkutsk the collecting was advanced. About this party of life of city explicitly is told in a research A. D. Fatyanova " the Artists, exhibition, collectors Irkutsk "
1. The collector was N. S. Romanov. In it of an annalistic entry for November 8 1920 year.
2. is said about a search and withdrawal at him of gold, silver and copper coins, paper money - Romanov's and bonds (probably, Loan of Freedom). In funds of scientific library Irkutsk State university the collection of the bonds and marks was saved it. But while in one publication the activity of the pioneers of philatelia in Irkutsk is not uncovered. This article is first such attempt. Philatelia - The collecting of signs of a postage has in Russia a long and interesting history. First philatelist have appeared at us in country in 60-70 years . I in., since 1883 their organized movement(traffic) counts. In 1907-1908 years. In philatelic movement of Russia the large rise, and about 1910-1914 years was observed. It is accepted to speak as about time present philatelic of boom. The postage stamps were collected with the representatives of all stratums of company. In the convention of the author there is a self-made album of the marks belonging, by a signature, K. M. Shurigin. The pages school book with titles of countries and continents written with observance to old spelling, abound funny things (Malaya, for example, is referred to America). Probably, philatelist there was a pupil. The first world war and the political events, which have followed behind her, have removed a collecting in life of the people on the second plan, but already in the beginning 1920-th years. There was other situation. April 6, 1923 in Moscow proclaimed creation of the All-Russia company of philatelists, begun organizational activity on association of the collectors of country. February 3, 1924 in Irkutsk the convention philatelists, bondists and numesmatics, decided was held to open a department of the All-Russia company of philatelists. In it the members 14 persons were noted, the large part from which attended to a collecting of the bonds. In presidium of a department were elected A. Katkov, M. Gerasimov, K. Shepherds, candidates - Kozelskiy and G. Sadovnikov
3. In the activity the department was guided by the typical Charter ROPH, authorized Central administration managerial control NKVD on September 22, 1923. Despite of declared number, actually in a Irkutsk department ROPH there were 10 members. On their amount Irkutsk' people don't took the seventh place in country
4. It confirms also financial report of a department ROPH as of December 1, 1924. Entrance fees has acted(arrived) 10 r., monthly - 7 r. 50 to. (during this period individual instalments made, accordingly, 1 r. And 75 to.). By the report, Irkutsk's people did not participate in such shares ROPH, as raisings of money (at the expense of sale of the marks) on construction of the aeroplan, in fund of the name Lenin, on purchase of the books in libery
5. From December 25 till December 29, 1924 in Moscow the First All-Union congress ROPH has passed. On him 47 delegates with decisive and 22 with a consultative voice were elected. From Irkutsk there was a delegate with a decisive voice, from a department to address congress has acted salutatory cable
6. But these events - Creation of a department, sharing of Irkutsk's people in congress - Were, probably, are so insignificant, that by him was not found places in the annals N. S. Romanov. Philatelik the life in city proceeded. In Irkutsk the agency All-Union philatelistic of association (main representation - In Vladivostok) - Trade establishment was organized, which purpose was sale of the collection marks, bonds, literature
7. Irkutsk's people kept in touch with the nonresident and foreign colleagues on a dagging. The collector Sedelnikov has received "call" from V. Papertova (Kansk) to be signed on the journal " the Soviet collector "
8. On meeting on organization international company of philatelists of the collectors - workers (Philintern), taking place June 22, 1924 in Moscow, with a greeting from a Irkutsk department Biruchev
9. has acted, and among 1435 members Philintern were and Irkutsk's people. The member ticket 840 had I. D. Koloseckiy, living in Irkutsk
10. It is necessary to mark, that of the messages in Soviet philatelists period 1920-1930 years. About the Irkutsk collectors, their activity meets considerably less, than about their Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Tomsk neighbours. But, nevertheless, they are. In the integrated journal " Soviet philatelist - Soviet collector - Wireless Philintern " for September, 1926 the article of the Irkutsk professor B. Popov "mail - children"
11. is printed. This serious speculation about issues of the postage stamps for deriving means for work with children (struggle with homeless, children's illnesses, protection mather's and children's, help to school). In the article the similar practice existing in Switzerland, other countries is analyzed. The contents of the article allows to make a conclusion, that the author - Experimental collector well understanding in problems philatelia. he, probably, posesses also authorship of the article " an air-stamp of Irkutsk - Moscow ", signed by initials " B. P. ", in the journal " the Soviet collector "
12. In i her a special stamp put on the items of mail, delivered from Moscow in Irkutsk by a mail plane in September, 1928 for the first time is circumscribed. In January, 1930. B. M. Popov has declared about the beginning of the tax of a collection zemstvos of the marks and supplement it by exchange, by informing the colleagues address
13. It was possible to place some more surnames of the collectors of that period. In Irkutsk lived bondists A. S. Filyaev 14, collections of the bonds the doctor Ya. M. Falevich attended also, which collection was confiscated, and he has hitted under court on fault of the workers krayevedchisky museum 15. The interesting find was made with the doctor Gerasimov: in archives of Irkutsk postage-telegraphic office sold in 1924 to one from the citizens of Irkutsk and used in quality straw in a pork shed, he has detected (local issues of the marks) Yakutska and Olekminsk
16. It is necessary to tell and about organization young philatelists. On the mentioned convention of the collectors in February, 1924 was spoken about work with youth, young philatelists the rights of the members of company on sharing in the conventions, use by the literature, exchange by subjects of a collecting were given. And in September, 1924 the section young philatelists 17, having mail address was created: Irkutsk, p.b. 19918. The young collectors, probably, near have left from the adult, as in short time it was marked, that the Irkutsk section UK " is perfect in the work "
19. The first organization philatelits in Irkutsk is short. In August, 1925 USSR of Irkutsk branch generally no 21 was informed, that of informations on number of the members of a department in central organs not go 20, and in the list, published in 1929, philatelic assotiations. April 7, 1930 in a location Irkutsk-Lenin of branch of the Siberian branch Soviet philarelists of association the meeting of presidium of Irkutsk company of collectioners 22 has passed. It is possible to consider this date as the second birth of organization of philatelists in city. It by the founders 8 persons have acted: N. A. Borisov, V. E. Buzolin, V. I. Ignatyev , N. L. Lebedinov, M. Ya. Leybovich, G. N. Mimrin, G. N. Sadovsky and A. S. Filyashev
23. In company the people different backs and trades - From 23-year's serving V. Buzolin up to the 58-year's actor of urban theatre N. Lebedinov were united. There were among them sellers (G. Sadovsky and G. Mimrin - Director of shop SFA), teacher (A. Filyaev), employees, all non-parties, but full citizens. By the protocol of the convention and nearest plans of work, the collectors - founders did not consist earlier in company, therefore have decided to request board of All-Union company about conditions of exchange with abroad, about the order of the introduction in youthful section. The problems of maintenance standby of the members of presidium in shop SFA and organization of the conventions of the collectors - Once per one week on Mondays in 19 hours 24 were decided. The destiny of this association has developed uneasily. To a middle 1930-th years.Philatelia in USSR practically has left on is not present, the issuing was stopped, the organizations VOF were spoiled.

The destiny of this association has developed uneasily. To middle of 1930th philately in the USSR has practically come to naught, the edition of the periodical press has stopped, organizations VOF were spoiled. As we already spoke, in December, 1924 in Moscow has come I congress of the All-Union society of philatelists. One of his(its) delegates represented collectors of Irkutsk where the society was created February, 3, 1924. Unfortunately, in the local literature of the pre-war period there is no information on activity of an Irkutsk department (so referred to then divisions VOF). Probably, this event, as well as activity of philatelists in city, passed the unnoticed wide layers of the population. Even N. With. Novels in detailed " Annals... " Has bypassed their attention. But memory was kept as the not post special stamp made in 1974 under the order of board of the Irkutsk city society of philatelists to a 50-anniversary of philately in area center.

Movement has revived in the beginning of 60th years, November, 19, 1960 in the regional House of workers of education (in common people of him named "Teacher's club") have gathered 39 person, the collectors who have based to Irkutsk city club. Among founders were G.M.Pomerants, spouse S.I. And S.E.Berezovskie, V.E.Buzolin, B.M.Kerbel', And. And. Greeks. A bureau of a city town committee of the CPSU has ratified club as public organization. At collectors the materials connected to his basis are stored: an envelope with double shtamp, made in 1961. in memory of the basis of club. Nadpechatka its second part - about a site of a building of "teacher's cLub" where then the club was located. In 1965 two were made (1; 2) souvenir a postage stamp with the text " 5 years to Irkutsk club of collectors ", the prisoner in a silhouette zubtsovoj a stamp of a vertical or horizontal format. It is usually these of a stamp meet on envelopes 1639 1597.

In an initial stage of activity the club, basically, provided the members with stamps. There was also one more direction in his(its) work, characteristic those years for all country - release of postage stamps of space subjects. One of them have devoted G.S.Titova's to flight, another - to anniversary of the first formation flying in P.Popovicha's space and . Nikolaevs. It is interesting, that exists two types ( 1; 2) the second stamp, on each of them "author" - IrkGKK is specified. The Irkutsk club these years was already known in the country. His(its) address (Post office, p.o. 79) is published in the collection of the Moscow city society of collectors " the Soviet collector " ( 1, page 166) among 120 registered circles, clubs and societies of the USSR.

To middle of 60th years collectors (and the majority then philatelists made) gathered already in the Palace of work (assembly hall Oblsovprofa), at a corner of streets Lenina and Marksa. The first big event which has occurred in philatelic life of city - an exhibition " Philately - to October ", devoted to a 50-anniversary of October revolution. It has opened October, 28, 1967 in a regional study of local lore museum. In honour of it the envelope with a stamp " Opening of an exhibition " and the new name of a society " Irkutsk branch VOF " (VOF - the All-Union society of philatelists was created in March, 1966) was made. On an envelope the mark of the USSR from the big anniversary series, extinguished by a stamp of post office with date of opening of an exhibition was pasted.

Constituent conference of regional organization VOF has passed much later, July, 12, 1969. it was held in Red ugolke the Central telegraph. A gift to its(her) each delegate (and all of them were members VOF as membership cards have started to give out an autumn of 1966) the envelope with the autograph of the known polar explorer, the Hero of Soviet Union E.T.Krenkelja, the first chairman of board VOF was. Down to perestroechnogo the period and disorder of the USSR of conference passed regularly. As a rule, they were report-back election and were dated to congresses VOF:
Regional conference Congress VOF
II-5 September 1970. II - October 1970.
III-23 of October 1971 III - October 1974.
IV - January, 19 1974. IV - October 1979.
V - December 1976. V - October 1984.
VI-May, 19 1979. VI - October 1989
VII-December, 12 1981
VIII - May, 12 1984.
IX - December, 13 1986.

Delegates of congresses in different years were selected G.M.Pomerants, S.I.Berezovsky, With. M. Laurels, V. Fishermen.

To Irkutsk philatelists was about what to speak at conferences. The important parameter of activity and the importance in public life propagation of a collecting, the stamp. Exhibitions are not only criterion of maturity of philatelists, but also draw attention of the population, involve new layers of fans in a collecting.

In Irkutsk this work was put on a high level. Regional exhibitions passed in 1972 (in honour of a 50-anniversary of the USSR, on good tradition it is made the envelope with a postage stamp and an emblem of an exhibition), 1982 (60 years of the USSR, is prepared the fine nonpostage stamp with Irkutsk subjects). Within all 1979 in the new premise(room) of shop " philately " open due to diligence of the director of city agency " " L. K.Romina, operated a constant exhibition "Irkutskphil-79". On it(her) it was shown 14 collections, participated not only irkutjane, but also angarchane (R.J.Rybalovich), zimintsy (M.Fedotenko and A.Medinsky). The mentioned above exhibition of 1982 passed in the showrooms of a regional art museum kindly given by his(its) director L.G.Puhovskoj. In the annals of philately of Angarsk area she(it) began the most significant: 3 hors concours exhibits (from Omsk, CHerepanove Novosibirsk area and GDR), 15 competitive adults and 11 youthful collections, 1 collection of post cards, 4 coins and badges. The geography of participants has extended also, assemblies of collectors of Angarsk, ZHeleznogorska, Irkutsk, Usol'ja, Winters were shown.

In 1983 simultaneously in shops " philately " and " the Political book ", in a regional study of local lore museum passed an exhibition "Irkutskphil-83" (18 exhibits, including three - club of young philatelists of the Irkutsk city Palace of pioneers, a collection of numismatists and faleristov). Then there were the exhibitions devoted to a 60-anniversary of the Mongolian national - revolutionary party (1984.), to anniversary of the Victory (1985.). But the most significant in second half 80 steels of an exhibition in honour of significant dates in life of city and area.

Irkutjanam still pamjatno magnificent celebrating of a 300-anniversary of assignment to Irkutsk of the status of city. To one of his elements began a philatelic exhibition to "Irkutsk - city of 300 years", taking place in the Palace of sports. By the way, she(it) began the first which participants received medals specially rapped out on the aircraft Factory. On geography of the submitted collections of her(it) it is possible to name zonal'no-international: Abakan, Barnaul, Omsk, Ulan-Ude, Novosibirsk, Kurgan, Karl-Marx-Stadt. Has sent G.M.Pomerants's exhibit - the founder and the long-term head of Irkutsk club of collectors. After one year in foyer of hotel "Angara" there passed an exhibition " Angarski Krai for a way of acceleration ". It was devoted to a 50-anniversary of formation of Irkutsk area, to visitors was submitted 27 collections of philatelists from Irkutsk, Angarsk, Bratsk. Collectors from Moscow, Omsk, Abakan, Magadan, Orsk, GDR and Mongolia participated also. Good tradition became exhibiting collections of young philatelists.

It is necessary to note active participation irkutjan in All-Union and zone exhibitions. Three person sent the collections on an exhibition devoted to a 100-anniversary from birthday of V.I.Lenina (March 1970.), four - on an exhibition in honour of a 50-anniversary of the USSR (October - November 1972.). Among them S.I.Berezovsky, J.K.Kirillov, A.M.Shtejnberg (SHelehov). Participants of a lenin exhibition as a gift have received one of the rare Soviet post releases of last years the post block to an exhibition of the first release, estimated in 100 time is more dear than the second, come to philatelists under the subscription. In zone exhibitions " Siberia and the Far East " (and they passed with 1978. in each two years in Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Khabarovsk, Omsk) participated on 7-9 irkutjan: S.I.Berezovsky, G.G.Bejman, J.K.Kirillov, With. M. Laurels, B.M.Kerbel', V.I.Lishkunov, J.I.Luk'janov (Angarsk), J.K.Ryzhov. Repeatedly their exhibits received bronze and silver medals, and G.Bejman has brought in 1982. from Khabarovsk a gold medal, bronze - awards work " Sacred Russia! Fatherland! I yours! " Korobov S.A. and Korobov S.S. at the All-Russia philatelic exhibition to a 200-anniversary from birthday A. S. Pushkin in 1999 g.. In good sense of a word long years pobratimom Irkutsk area were noted irkutjane and at the exhibitions which were taking place in district Karl-Marx-Stadt (GDR), former. They, since 1975, participated in philatelic reviewes of the foreign colleagues in Karl-Marx-Stadt, Zwickau, SHneeberge, receiving bronze and silver medals. The silver medal in 1979. awards also Irkutsk regional branch VOF for merits in strengthening friendship between the organizations of philatelists of the USSR and GDR.

It is no wonder, that experience and activity irkutjan in realization of exhibitions were noticed by board VOF, and then and management(manual) SFR (the Union of philatelists of Russia, the organization created in 1991 in Smolensk, successor VOF). Realization of large exhibitions of allied and Russian value was trusted to a society of philatelists.

March, 31, 1986 the envelope has appeared in honour of the International philatelic exhibition " the USSR - MNR ". Collectors and people using him for items of mail, has learned(found out), that such exhibition will pass in Irkutsk. In city at this time there was a preparation with which the vice-president oblispolkoma supervised over L.G.Pyn'ko. To it(him) helped G.M.Demidov (regional management of communication(connection)), S.I.Berezovsky (the chairman of board of Irkutsk branch VOF) and I.F.Ryshkov (zam.predsedatelja boards VOF). This international exhibition was the first beyond Ural. It has opened June, 14 in the Interallied palace of culture of trade unions. The opportunity to see 13 collections of philatelists of Mongolia, 5-, exhibits from Moscow, Bitter, Rostovs - na-Donu, Severodvinsk, Alma-Ata, Orsk, Barnaul, Kemerovo, Omsk, Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk was gave visitors. The gilt medals have received collections irkutjan G.Bejmana and S.Lavrova, omicha J.Ostroumova. They also were marked by prizes of Ministry of Communications MNR. Among the Mongolian philatelists the best were U.Sereter, L.Lovor, Z.Gantsogt, awarded with prizes of Ministry of Communications of the USSR, Board VOF and association " the International book ". At exhibition clearing the post documentation special Soviet and Mongolian was made by stamps.And Mongols have brought with themselves specially issued booklet and the unlabelled envelope with the image of flags of two countries, an inscription "Irkutsk". Participants of an exhibition and members of organizing committee have received the medals made on the aircraft Factory from an aluminium alloy for memory. And many philatelists still had envelopes with spetsgashenijami.

The following big review became "Zheldorphil-91", devoted to a 100-anniversary from the date of the beginning of construction of the Transsiberian highway. Its realization is marked by a stamp of specialpost and the marked envelope in which figure the electric locomotive with cars is represented, the circuit of the railway with the instruction(indication) of stations Irkutsk, Angarsk, Tulun, Taishet, Bratsk. "ZHeldorfil" passed from August, 2 till August, 12 in a showroom of Musical theatre (now there set of shops). On it collections from Moscow, Arkhangelsk, Orel, Lvov, Orsk, Ulyanovsk were represented, to Kazan, Perm, Novosibirsk, Cherepovets, Nizhni Novgorod and other cities. The exhibit " Railways and mail " is awarded with the big gilt medal and a prize of Board VOF And. Moldavian (Moscow).

The exhibition " the Nature and we " (September, 1993) to which the stamp spetsgashenija is devoted has more modestly passed in Irkutsk. Collectors of Irkutsk participated in it(her), Ulan-Ude, Khabarovsk, Bryansk, Orel, Tambov, Kurgan. Gold medals have received collections " they should live " Bel'kova (Orel) and " Reserves of the Far East " Isaevoj (Oha, the Sakhalin area). Memory of an exhibition - spetsgashenie. In summary it is necessary to tell, that irkutjane can be proud of one of philatelic editions. In 1970 publishing house " communication(connection) " has let out the book " Fairy tales and legends on post envelopes and marks ". The author its(her) Vladimir Petrovich Vladimirtsev, the teacher of Irkutsk state pedagogical institute.

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